Our Services


We can create patterns from a sketch or rough sample. Through this process we can provide ideas and suggestions for an ideal outcome. We have experienced designers in many areas including, women, men, and children.

Pattern Revision

Revising patterns which have had problematic fits or have been completed by other designers. This will ensure a product will not have to be revised after marking or grading.


After the graded patterns are approved , we will create a marker for your order requirements or fabric amount. This process provides vital information which help reduce costs and yardage of fabric needed.


 Using grade rules which you provide or ones we work together to create will produce different sizes you require


Digitally entering a pattern into the system will provide a foundation to work from.

Market Research and Development

Trend Forecasting, costing analysis, consumer and shopper behavior research

Design Development /


Visually communicating what you want your end product to look like.

Prototype Sewing

Creating a sample! Have your idea come to life.

Label/Logo/Hangtag Design

Working with you to ensure the neccesarry information and the overall aesthetic matches your brand.


To ensure the aesthetic, function, and fit of the garment

Line Sheets

Within a line sheet you are able to show buyers what your line has to offer.  We set these up in clear uncomplicated layouts best suited to your brand.

Technical Packages

This contains all the necessary information to have your garment manufactured.